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Rivals League


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An intense league played by Nigerian scholars and professional eSports teams, in a multiplayer game mode. In this league, students from schools can actively participate by forming or joining a team.


Location icon Nigeria
League type
League type Qualifiers and Finalist League


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July 20, 2022

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July 20, 2022

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How to join Rivals League? How to join Rivals League?

5 - 6 players will group together to form a team and register, they can select one more player on the platform if they’re not up to. Each player register via the registration link that will be provided.

Who are your sponsors? Who are your sponsors?

Our biggest sponsor is the HITS (Higher Intelligence Technology Systems) and the Triads Entertainment.

Do you have a Discord server available? Do you have a Discord server available?

Yes, we do! For any type of support or just drop by to engage with others, click this link to join: https://discord.gg/triadsent

What type of format is this league tournament? What type of format is this league tournament?

The League comprises of two sub leagues. These are: (a) The Qualifiers: Is a league that requires participants in each schools to form a team of five players each and compete against each other within the schools, for the purpose of recognizing and acquiring the best amongst them. The winning team of the League will represent the school as the school main team. (b) The Finalist League: Is a league that requires winners of the Intra League known as “School Main Team” from each schools, to participate and compete each other and top winners from the external eSports teams who participated in the Intra League.

Tournament schedule

2024 Season 1
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Qualifiers Start 1st April, 2024
Qualifiers End 20th April, 2024
Semi Finals Start 1st May, 2024
Semi Finals End 20th May, 2024
Finals Start 1st June, 2024
Finals End 20th June, 2024


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League Bracket type
Multiplayer Game mode
500 Teams participating
2 months Duration

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location Nigeria

Prize pool

We give out prizes to our top 3 placements

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2nd Place ₦500,000 for the cash price and other benefits View more
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1st Place ₦1,000,000 for the cash price and other benefits View more
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3rd Place ₦500,000 for the cash price and other benefits View more